Matrimonial Websites

Published on: September 16th 2018

Matrimonial websites are always funny. They are like tinder with family consent. The very fact that matrimomial sites still exist, prove that marraiges can be closed just like business deals are closed. People demand things and qualities in people that one would never dare to otherwise. Some examples are:

"The person must know to cook"
"The person must not smoke or drink"
"Looking for a housewife"
"The person must be earing "xyz" amount"

And it is totally cool. If both parties are okay with the terms and conditions, the deal is set. As funny as it sounds, it is totally rational and reasonable.

Once I was sitting next to a silent mysterious girl in plane. I tried to make conversation with her because I was super bored. I asked her a lot of things but she would just one-word-answer me telling me to shut up.

Suddenly, one man started advertising about a matrimonial website on the mic, and I chuckled. First time, the girl next to me, talked by her own, asking me why I laughed. And I just went off: "Marriage is not a business", "I wonder how these websites are still a thing", "Why do families have so much say in all this?" and blah and blah. She just laughed and laughed and laughed. We talked warmly after that.

Towards the end of our flight, I asked her where she lives in Pune and would she like to share an auto till the bus stop and all. She said "No no, my husband will be coming to pick me up".

"Oh you are married!", I exclaimed. And just joked, "Was that marriage through matrimonial site?". I was honestly joking.

She smiled at me saying, "Yeah it was via a matrimonial website".

After we disembarked, I rushed out of the airport with a red awkward face hoping she doesn't introduce me to her husband.