Life update

Published on: October 1st 2019

I have been really occupied lately. A lot of exciting, interesting and crazy stuff happened and I feel stable now after a long time. I was happy with the stability, but I ended up hurting my back in the gym this morning. One dumbfuck ran into my barbell as I was squatting 110Kg. Now I am lying on my bed writing this post.


I have recently started playing around with functional programming and it has been real fun so far. I started with ReasonML, which is an easy syntax for OCaml and it can be compiled to JavaScript through Bucklescript. ReasonML became relevant to me as we were trying to introduce static types in our existing JavaScript project. You must have a question: why not typescript or flow?. Well, I don't have a real answer to that yet, but there was one big reason (pun intended) against chosing TypeScript. It feels like a hack and is not a complete language. And flow isn't even a language. We wanted something that is complete, strongly typed and has flexible interop with JavaScript (especially JSX since we use React). After playing with Reason, it blew my mind how easy the interop is and how slick the ReasonReact library is. If you wish to write typesafe React apps, you should definitely try Reason.

On the other hand, I have also been doing some Haskell. I have joined a Haskell study group with two of my colleagues where we read from a book and discuss over the weekends. The discussion part hasn't been happening very regularly but this study group helped me get into Haskell and the FP discussions online. I "might" start working with Haskell in my company soon. If that happens, it'll be pretty exciting. No opinions about Haskell yet; still learning.


Blahhh! The biggest problem with self-teaching is the damn discipline. I have been slacking really hard on the practice these past few months. I got back into the routine last week and gonna try to be consistently at it, umm, forever. However, I figured that playing classical pieces from sheet music is useful in the long run but extremely boring. So I have been decided to practice scales, chords, rythm patters and ear-training exercises. I think that'll be enought to be able to play pop songs, accompany singers and pick up songs by ear. It is just an experiment; I'll know soon if it will succeed. Hopefully, one post a month will be uploaded hereon.


I have still been trying to lean down while maintaining my strength. As per my new years resolution, I was supposed to hit 8% bodyfat by June, but I am still at 14%. Life happened. There was a rough phase where I was of eating a 1500 calorie ice-cream-sundae everyday. To get out of that, along with some friends, I underwent a #NoSugarChallenge for a month which helped us complete eliminate the sugar cravings. Most of us have decided to continue doing it. Even though I cheated on the challenge twice, the challenge helped me achieve the goal of eliminating sugar cravings.

Happy with the results from #NoSugarChallenge, I am now doing a #NoCoffeChallenge along with #NoCantSayWhatItIsChallenge for getting rid of all intoxications from life.

Strength has been consistent but I have dropped some strength on some movements because of being in a caloric deficit for a long time. Here are my current numbers:

Deadlift: 165 x 1
Squat: 110 x 1
Bench: 95 x 1
Overhead Press: 60 x 1
Barbell Row: 80x5

I have moved away from intermittent fasting as it was taking a toll on my head and causing irritation, anxiety and eating disorders. Finally moved to the good old breakfast-lunch-dinner protocol and it has been working super well.


Yes. I went through a phase of depression and it was bad. I didn't want to write up this section but it is one important experience that must be talked about. The remedies on the internet didn't seem to work for me. They told me to eat more, exercise more, talk to friends, seek professional help, keep busy and what not. Nothing helped. One thing that helped the most is the belief that this too shall pass. I also talked to some people anonymously and that was a good vent to let out the anxiety.

This was my first encounter with depression and I used to underestimate it earlier. When my friends would talk to me about it, I would just kindly ask them to stiffen up and give them logical and rational solutions. Little did I know that psychology is beyond logic or rationale. This shit is real and needs professional help (which didn't work for me either).