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Karma? Or #goalz?

The word Karma, or the philosophy of Karma (as used in 2018), is a contradiction in itself. If you hear the word Karma today, it is likely in the context of:

Whatever you do, comes back to you. (1)

And also in the context of Karma is a bitch. Hah.

Karma, that means “action”, is a sanskrit word that became popular, thanks to the philosophies in the Bhagavad Gita about Karmayoga. The essence of Karmayoga is:

Do your work with dedication and devotion and do not worry about the results. (2)

How on earth are the two even in the same direction? They are, on the contrary, orthogonally different.

  • In case of 1, action determines the goal.
  • In case of 2, goal determines action.
  • 1 tells you to do what you think is perfect and do not worry about the outcome
  • 2 tells you to do what is necessary to achieve the goal

Before you start taking sides, it is important to know that neither is entirely right or wrong. Both approaches have their pros and cons. That is a debate for another day.