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Hyprocrisy: a choice

2018-10-02 Rishichandra Wawhalrants

I think it is not always bad being a hypocrite. It is not always possible to completely inculcate the philosophies that you strongly believe in and preach. Life at some point brings you to situations wherein even though you consciously stand by an idea, your subconscious mind keeps tapping your back. Two of the examples are sexism and linguisticism. I am not sure if linguisticism is a real word, but I define it as:

Linguisticism: prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone that doesn’t speak a particular language

Let us talk about linquisticism. I can talk about India, and I am sure the similar pattern can be observed worldwide. Lets first get on the same ground with the fact that language is just a barrier in communication. Two people talking different languages can be equally smart, intelligent and competent. Somehow, in India, fluency in English is considered a criterion for judging an individual’s literacy. As ridiculous as it sounds, I confess myself guilty of sometimes unintentionally judging people on grounds of their English. Not like I speak great English, but this judgment happens subconsciously; sometimes I acknowledge this, sometimes I don’t.

How do we change this? Well, hyprocricy could be the way. We are subconsciously sexist, racist, linguisticist or whatever because environment that we grew up in has been consciously so. It is hard to change the subconscious mind, but we can try to be consciously prudent, wise, liberal and anti-discrimantion so that the generations to come can be subconsciously so.