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Life update

I have been really occupied lately. A lot of exciting, interesting and crazy stuff happened and I feel stable now after a long time. I was…

Published on: October 1st 2019

Game of thrones S08E05

The pre-finale episode of Game of Thrones is out and, gahhhhhhhhhhhhh. In my opinion, the best part about the episode was its bloody length…

Published on: May 13th 2019

Piano progress - 5

Für Elise (hook) - Beethoven

Published on: April 15th 2019

Track disabled last seen on WhatsApp

This is a simple trick where you just replace a human eye with 12 lines of code. It looks for the "online" status of your victim on WhatsApp…

Published on: April 7th 2019

Piano progress - 4

Canon in D (first part) - Johann Pachelbel

Published on: March 12th 2019

Building a GraphQL HOC with React Hooks

React hooks are the most exciting and probably the most anticipated feature of React today. The hype around hooks is justified as they help…

Published on: February 2nd 2019

Piano progress - 3

Phir bhi tujhko chahunga

Published on: January 27th 2019

Piano progress - 2

The Godfather - Love theme (arranged by Marijan Piano)

Published on: January 4th 2019

New year resolutions 2019

It is almost time for the "new year new me" bullshit. Haha. Here are the things that I will achieve in 2019. Develop Golang Expertise…

Published on: December 27th 2018

A short trip to Tirthan valley in winter

This trip was special because our college group trolls were set to unite after 2 years to relive the good old times. We chose Tirthan Valley…

Published on: December 26th 2018

Piano progress - 1

The Rains of Castamere - (Arranged by HalcyonMusic)

Published on: December 9th 2018

Quitting Recreational Social Media

So today, with a spark of realisation, I have decided to get rid of recreational social media from my life. By recreational, I mean the…

Published on: October 31st 2018

Matrimonial Websites

Matrimonial websites are always funny. They are like tinder with family consent. The very fact that matrimomial sites still exist, prove…

Published on: September 16th 2018


One should be really careful before setting new standards for their brain, be it a new cook, a new job, a cigarette or even a new chair. I…

Published on: September 15th 2018