About me

Hey hey! You have read this before, yet I like to repeat it:

I like to write code and lift heavy things

Firstly, thanks for showing up here. I like how you spend your time browsing great people. Let me tell you a bit about myself.

I like to write code

I am a software engineer working in the web development space since 2016. I currently work fulltime with Hasura where we try to make app development seamless for developers. React is how I entered real world software, so React is and will always be special to me. GraphQL is my current zone of expertise but please prove me wrong.

ReasonML + React + GraphQL is the best UIDX among the ones that I have ever come across.

Typescript sucks.

I like to lift heavy things

I have benched 110kgs, squatted 125kgs and deadlifted 182.5kgs at 81kg bodyweight (15% body fat).

Crossfit sucks.

Random Opinions

  • There doesn't seem to be any God.
  • Opinions are subject to change because opinions are backed by knowledge and human beings are ignorant by nature.
  • Every techincal debt is the cause of either laziness or an unrealistic timeline.
  • Mirza Ghalib is the greatest poet of all time.
  • You and only you are answerable to your principles.
  • Test driven development helps. Maybe the world was right.
  • Love regardless.