a personal blog

Who am I?

Everybody has thoughts and insights that they think are creative and interesting. More often than not, these thoughts die as thoughts.

"Nobody is around"
"Nobody understands"
"They ask me to shut up"
"I lost mood"
"Uh I forgot"

These are some of the murderers of our candid thoughts. Sadly enough, neither the murders are addressed nor the thoughts are grieved.

I am Rishichandra, starting this blog with an intent of not murdering any more thoughts. Engineer by passion and hacker by instincts, I think I am decent at coding. I also do some (un)natural activities that allow me to eat a lot of food without getting fat. I have been playing the Piano since 2017 (seriously since June 2018) and hoping to get really good at it by December 2019.

I am going to stop the introduction here because it’s hard without using the word “I” which emits intense narcissistic radiations.

Also, these posts will be typed in VIM without spellcheck. So please pardon the spellings in the blog. You can however totally go grammar-nazi on me. Email me if you have any problems with the content.

Sometimes I will also correct certain things that I agreed in the past but strongly disagree now. The blog is however fully version controlled on Github here in the branch live.